Poem Hunter
For: C.J.D.
(1753 – 5 December 1784 / Gambia)

For: C.J.D.

Poem By (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

We collect funds on their names
Spend it on some other means
Poor suffer on many accounts
Nothing is reaching to them as an amount

All the schemes are for their well being
May be the real intent but not enough of doing
If whole of iceberg is earmarked
Only small piece may reach as marked

Not an ordinary human being may watch
The bread and other things being snatched
By a person who has no right to take away
Much awaited relief which has disappeared on the way

Life has become difficult to pull on
Not easy to find square meal and carry on
Many commit suicide and many resort to crimes
It is really termed as bad times

Government work on party lines
Population and other factors are put on sidelines
They have fixed time to function with mandate
They compromise on many things and accommodate

Large fund is laundered and sent out side
For family staying abroad to provide
The precious foreign currency for personal use
And poor at country side face simple refusal

There may be some difficulties
Legal hitch and poor fund utilities
Yet effective monitoring is their obligation
People in street may know nothing about situation

Let some facilities be availed by poor
Lt they not run from door to door
We are paying taxes for their upliftment
No one should come in their way at any moment

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good message clifton redmond2 hours ago clear and truely important Comment +1 Someone who's poetry I have a bit of relation to
Cesar Frost2 hours ago Enjoyed this very much Comment +1 Very True
Austin Wills2 hours ago This spit is very true. I can see you have an understanding of the way things work. It tells the truth without sounding conspiratorial. I like it.
Very True Josh Morley1 minute ago VERY VERY VERY TRUE...I like yo
We collect funds on their names Spend it on some other means