To The Land We Do Belong

Those who claim ownership of the land that they live off of in reality have got it wrong
For we cannot own the thing that feeds us since to the land we do belong
You have a paper deed that says you are the owner but this comes from human made law
How can you own something that owns you on this your own conclusion you can draw
The land it has been here forever and the land here forever will remain
Us humans are born as mortals and in death we cannot take with us our Worldly gain
Mother Earth she does grow the food we live on from the source of a tiny dark seed
We need her for our very survival though in return from us anything she does not need
In fact she would be better off without us since we pollute her water and land
And many of us who think that we own her little of her seems to understand
Yet she is the one who supports us till death for as long as we live
We take and we keep taking from her and in return to her little give
A paper deed is proof of land ownership but human made law has got it wrong
How can we own something that owns us since to the land we do belong.

by Francis Duggan

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