A Tale Of Two Cities

There are always two cities In my mind and in my heart, The two cities are the one I was born in and the other One where I am living now, I am always like this torn Between two lovely cities, I can not say I love this Or I love that because both Love me like I love both of Them anytime and anywhere, This is my life I stay in The first one for a short Period of time and I move To the other one for some Time to reside or to live, I got tired moving like this Because I am feeling like A stranger far from childhood's Memories in which I spent Most of my good time with My family and my pretty friends, I am torn between two lovely Cities for many current reasons, I pray to God to restore me Back to my pretty city anytime, Days are passing quickly and We are growing older and older, I long for everyone and for Everything because I am tired, so The pretty tomorrow might bring Pretty future and sunny days To me, to everyone, and to All those who are far from their Pretty homeland anytime.


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So long ago I have forgotten
A sextet of one stanza. Poem rooted in good rhyme. Well done! Sylva.