To The Moon

Poem By Swarnadip Chatterjee

Oh, the moon oh the silver moon!
Who made you so grand and good?
Oh the disc of gold! You are boon
Of my god! You are not rude!

The lonely cloud is like a bird
Rushing to you as if to kiss
You, when he gently heard
You call him by the song of bliss!

Dark patches on you, have you must!
With there magic you call us.
You don’t cheat, you say, “Trust
All of them who cheat us”

None can judge you by feeble sense
Even I can’t too, the master of fools!
You are bliss in my hour of pains
You are above all of rules.

But, oh the moon, oh the silver moon.
Tell me how I can be as you.
It is too hard in a Summer-Afternoon
To be a man in a great world, New.

I am no more, I lost me
My eyes are dry I shed no tear
But when I see you, you soothe me
Hope you are in a true man’s sphere.

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Yes, moon is soothing! lovely poem...and wow you're just 15? Preets

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