To The Morning Star

Oh Venus, bright morning star 
Glimmer of the dawn radiant 
Diamond seen from afar,  
Your light I look upon 
To still the troubles of the night. 
Through these shadows 
I see into your majesty bright. 

The smoke that rises from the flame 
Signifies the sun shining through the rain. 

It is the thorns that bring forth 
The glory of the rose 

And the spring that is born 
Out of the well of winters woes. 

Discord raises awareness of melody 
As ugliness traces beauty. 

You are a garden oasis that rises 
From the dust of this wilderness. 

The valleys of this life 
Allow me to gaze upon 
Your mountain heights. 

Star of vision and power 
Give me hope, in this my dark hour. 

by Ailill Ailill

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Oh Venus, bright morning star give me hope and power in dark hour. Excellent writing shared on.
star of vision and power give me hope in this dark hour