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To The Muse

To The Muse

Poem By Shimanta Bhattacharyya

Ours is a love-hate relationship
Pivoting about dawn & dusk, hope & despair, life & death

That we have got along with each other tolerably well
For so long– through long spells of drought

Broken suddenly by a short-lived, but, torrential downpour
Provokes a mild a wonder!

Long hours have I spent with you
In the park, at the theatre, on the beaches

Or in your arms lipping your warm breasts
After a post-pandrial siesta

Even in silence, (When we have quarrelled!)
And yet I have failed to understand you—

No matter how hard I try
I fail to convince you that I am a good lover—

I promise you fidelity in the words you have given me
But you simply shrug me off with such indifference

That I almost cry out in despair
Like a madman– froth in mouth

And reel under the strain
That overcomes me in continual surges of pain:

Like the eternal lash of waves on a moon-jinxed night!

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