LJG (August 16,1987 / new jersey)

To The Night Without Stars

I have known rivers
Ancient, dusty rivers
To a night without stars
From the tears of the moon
That filled these ancient rivers
Calm, cool face steering
Back at me, asked I for a kiss
I smile and nodded
Walking that sooth walk
On down to those tears of that of
A man who had once hold me till
The light of dawn
Who am I to deny
What was given freely to me?
I stop there along those muddy grounds
And cast one more glace to
What was once my lover
I reach to show care
He smile and said no that
This was mine
Mine alone
That I had nothing back there in the dark
Other than my mine’s sanity
What that is needed done
Had no hold on or
Meaning of that of mercy

La Janine T. Garrett

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