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To The Night
(1778 - 1827 / Italy)

To The Night

Poem By Ugo Foscolo

Maybe because you always have appeared
The image of that fatal rest to me,
O night! You come towards me so dear!
Escorted by the summer clouds with glee
And by the gentle breezes full of cheer,

Or from the snowy air you come sending
That long, uneasy darkness to the world,
O summoned night, upon the earth descending,
The darkest secrets of my heart you hold.

At sight of you my mind begins to wander
To the eternal void beyond the sky;
And all along the wretched time meanders
And with it all my worries; meanwhile I
Stand looking at your peace that calms the torment
Within my raging spirit lying dormant.

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My critique on " To The Night Poem" by Ugo Foscolo: His poetry reads like Rainer Maria Rilke's. He takes you to the other side, and you will have to find your way back.
Dear Poem Hunter, The critique below has some typographical errors. I don't believe i made. Can it be corrected? Don't I have the right to proof read, correct, and resubmit? Please show me how this could be done, and I will make the corrections. thank you. Vincent J. Tomeo
His poetry reads like Rainer Maria Rilke.He take you to the other side and you have to find your back.
night too has always being my time of solitude and balm that rubs mildly life's sassy strokes.excellent poem.Applauses!