To The One Who Stole My Poem

Poem By Anonymous Anonymous

I had this poem
it was a particular poem
made many cry
told my story

to the person who is using my account
which i used to post my poem
which had been deleted from my computer
and only existed here in cyberspace

to this person
who added his/her poems to my name
i hope you, as a fellow poet
understand how a poem nursed
is not dissimilar to a child

i lost my child,
my poem.

if you have it please put it back
the name was 'father'
if you deleted it please write a poem

in this poem tell me that you have
i just need to know if my baby Poem is dead forever
or if it lives on your hard drive

Comments about To The One Who Stole My Poem

Wow...pretty abstract and surreal. I hope your poem finds it's way home.

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