To The Only Ones....

....that I can trust
With everything that I have, and believe me it's not much.

....that witness my impatience and my difficulties
You put on a happy smile and bear through it.

....that know that my troubles run up and down my sides
Yet your the ones that help maintain my sanity in the emergency of crisis.

....who truly are the only people worth any spending time with, laughing at everything and anything
With the humiliations that go along
The puns intended
And the jokes that only we can laugh at

....that tell me he's not worth crying over, because there's always going to be someone who'll love me better.

....that don't let me worry so much about the future, because time will only tell

....that I'm grateful for in my life
Because the past showed how ugly people can be
And I'm glad that GOD put you here for me

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