The Potential Poet!

The potential poet looked at the white piece of paper and hadn't got a damn thing to put on it. No writing ideas came to mind at all. So the little piece of paper decided to pray to God for His help, because the potential poet had potential and just needed a swift kick.

So God was in Heaven, about His own affairs, when suddenly an angel rushed in with amazing news. A piece of paper had just prayed! The angel was gobsmacked. God merely smiled. The prayer has already been answered!

The angel rushed out of God's presence and told as many angels as he could about such an amazing prayer... The angels couldn't stop to discuss the matter, as they were really busy... because of the Christian prayer warriors and intercessors. But they were intrigued, very intrigued indeed.

The potential poet looked at the piece of paper and heard a whisper. You're a fine poet, aren't you? You haven't even picked up a pen yet! Why not make a start and just write your name at the top of the paper? Let's see what happens next, eh?

So the potential poet looked around for a pen and wrote his name down in capital letters. He was quite neat and tidy about it and it took much longer than a professional poet would have taken.

The whisper returned. You won't write many poems at that speed, will you? So why not try writing about your best friend and why you like him so much? Just write things down quickly, not puzzling about it.

So the potential poet began as directed and a few pages later he finished all he thought needed to be written. And still the whisper was giving advice. Delete these sentences, they don't work. Correct these spelling mistakes. Yes, now use your computer and type out the poem.

The potential poet did as he was told and just accepted that this must be what they call THE MUSE. About an hour later, the words were typed out. The whisper returned yet again... Now separate the phrases into lines people associate with a poem. Poems don't always need to rhyme. So just see how much easier the text is to read...

The potential poet started editing the text and a few minutes later he began to read the poem out aloud. Somehow it all worked out beautifully. No need for fancy words after all. No need to even name who his best friend was. He was amazed. He was as gobsmacked as the angel was.

The whisper returned... Now call the poem with this title instead: MY TRUEST BESTEST FRIEND! After all, he was the kind of friend who was truly kind to you...

The potential poet wondered what to do about this poem... The whisper returned and directed him to a poetry website. The site welcomed new members and so he registered there. He uploaded the text and saw his poem on the Internet! WOW, I DID THAT! he declared... Then the whisper returned... No, my poet friend... WE DID THAT!

And from that day on, the poet was humbled to think that 'somebody up there' liked him. And thousands of poems later, that somebody still did...

Denis Martindale July 2018.


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by Denis Martindale

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