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******* To The Poet*******
SA (19 Mar 1979 / KGF, India)

******* To The Poet*******

Poem By Seema Aarella

(To the one very popular poet on Ph…whose poems have inspired me to a large extent, whose poems I love to read and whose poems do not get off my mind, but keeps coming back in my dreams and wakefulness!)

You elevate my senses,
By words, mere words!
I can see your silhouette,
With my very eyes closed!

For long it lingered,
Words, your mere words!
Even when I was gone,
After leaving the book closed!

They swathe me like sunlight,
Words, your mere words!
And arouse a longing,
That in me had remained closed!

They surround like spring,
Words, your mere words!
And liberate the timid primrose,
Off the inhibitions that had it closed!

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Comments (7)

i don't know who you had in you when you wrote this poem. I am stunned to read. words are powerful arrow to shoot with in love game with ample experience
wow! who is he! ? your poem too inspiring! a 10++
wow! ! lucky is the one who inspires you to write such a poem...good! !
Hi Seema, you're a very outstanding poet.Reading your poems is like reading mine too.Amazing stuffs!
a good tribute to the poet i would like to know the name of the poet so that i would be able to red his poems which inspired you this much