******* To The Poet*******

(To the one very popular poet on Ph…whose poems have inspired me to a large extent, whose poems I love to read and whose poems do not get off my mind, but keeps coming back in my dreams and wakefulness!)

You elevate my senses,
By words, mere words!
I can see your silhouette,
With my very eyes closed!

For long it lingered,
Words, your mere words!
Even when I was gone,
After leaving the book closed!

They swathe me like sunlight,
Words, your mere words!
And arouse a longing,
That in me had remained closed!

They surround like spring,
Words, your mere words!
And liberate the timid primrose,
Off the inhibitions that had it closed!

by Seema Aarella

Comments (7)

i don't know who you had in you when you wrote this poem. I am stunned to read. words are powerful arrow to shoot with in love game with ample experience
wow! who is he! ? your poem too inspiring! a 10++
wow! ! lucky is the one who inspires you to write such a poem...good! !
Hi Seema, you're a very outstanding poet.Reading your poems is like reading mine too.Amazing stuffs!
a good tribute to the poet i would like to know the name of the poet so that i would be able to red his poems which inspired you this much
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