(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

To The Point Of No Return

As I weave the pain of a tormented heart
From the love devoted since the very start
I hide the remnants beneath the white sands
The place I will go..to the point of no return

At the heart of the cyclone tearing the sky
And flinging the clouds and the towers by
Is a place of central calm, I wont return
So here is the roar of a mortal scorned

On a worn out boat, I am sailing for good
Where the waves are calm and the water is shallow
On a picturesque serenity and a dream to behold
With or without you to the other part of the world

I wont look back now beyond the horizon
Forever wave goodbye to that old passion
I heed not revenge but utmost compassion
Reap what was sown in this hopeless relation

Crossing the deepest seas, sailing far and low
Burying those memories from this long been ailing soul
Losing direction, of shattered dreams, Im a lost creature
Floating with the wind, drifting to the point of no return

On this broken boat there's a wind to breathe offshore
A brand new hope pulsating, and who knows, even more!
I will find a solitary place where my spirit sings
In the hollow of God's palm...my whole being clings

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Dear Cynthia, I tend to love poems involving sailing metaphors. This reminded of one of the very first sonnets I wrote a long time ago called 'The Ultimate Voyage.' Gregory X