To The Queen Of Hills - Mussoorie

O! Lovely Queen of Hills,
So well deserved your name
So rich you look in green attire,
Snow clad when winter came
And when the rains they bathe you
Your freshness is a sight
Those tiny drops on leafy edge
Admirers drink delight!

Your evergreens they sway
To the whistles of the wind
And the undergrowth is thick
While the berries hide within
The oak it greets the pine
The dog flowers laugh a lot
The ladybird attempts to fly
But in tiny hands is caught

When the world looks up to stars
And its lovers night to meet
You re-define the rules -
And the stars are at your feet
All enthralled onlookers
They marvel at this sight
The scattered light is all beneath
Of wonders it's the height

The spring gives you those flowers
You blush in pink and white
When the windy hailstorm swings
You embrace them light
The acorns fall so carelessly
The bluebird takes a flight
There is just no shying back
Romance is sparked alight

On the valley they descend
The clouds not left behind
And cover it as a mushy quilt
We're living on ‘Cloud Nine'
The heart leaps up for a sea so soft
And the eyes with pleasure gleam
Where's the difference in the two
The Earth does Heaven seem

When misty fog does come
It wraps you all around
Nothing meets the eye
The mystery is abound
Feel the mist across your face
It'll settle on your hair
And softly whisper in your ear
My Lady! You're so fair

Adorned by the winter line
The king is now in town
His trusted chauffer be the snow
And the lazy Sun his clown
At noon you nap- in heaven's lap
No pleasure beats this one
On drowsy, drunken beauty sleep
Delighted smiles the Sun

The cold is on the prowl
Snow flakes are falling down
Excitedly they all look up
The trees, the cliffs, the roofs, the town
And soon they'll all- that cover get
That special white on them will set
O! Queen rejoice and wear your crown
Your subjects now their fate have met

by Yamini (Ritu R)

Comments (3)

Thanks Jazib and Tony for your encouraging words !
A great start with a nice poem, Yamini. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
This is a beautiful poem. I got the sense how you are one with the nature. A true poet or poetess is always one with the nature and the words praises arise from the depths of your heart. Thank you dear poetess for this great poem.. tony