My New Car! ! !

I had a strong suspicion
so I did a little snooping, and lo and behold
thats why I always go with my intuition

I found your little note
left plainly for all to see(in your wallet)
dinner sometime? you wrote

You know, you just plain make me sick
But youll never know that I know
And niether will that dumbass chick

Ill keep it to myself for a while
For how long I dont really know
Too bad theres no phone # to dial

I believe you have no soul
No heart or even a concience
Breaking my heart was always obviosly your goal

I dont know why
Or why I even care
All you ever did was tell lie after lie

I told you right up front
I'd love ya no matter what
Unless of course you pull this kind of stunt

Well you went and did it
I nievely believed you wouldnt
Yes sir the dust you have bit

But im not gonna say a word
Not yet anyway
Nothing from my mouth will be heard

Not until the new car is bought next week, paid in full and title in my name!

(the part about the car is just wishful thinking people, i already have a car i bought

by Mae Summerville

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