To The Right Honourable John Barber, Esq; Lord Mayor Of London, On Committing One Of My Sons To His Care.

To the late King of Britain a Savage was brought,
Which wild in the Woods of Germania was caught.
This Present so princely was train'd up with Care;
And knew how to eat, and to jump, and to stare;
The Beaux, and the Belles, beheld it with Joy;
And at Court the high Mode was to see the Wild Boy.

Reflecting on this, with a politic View,
I determin'd to send such a Present to You.
In the Wilds of Hibernia this Boy was beset,
And caught (as the Natives are there) in a Net:
The Creature has Sense, and, in my Eyes, is pretty,
With Talents to make a good Man in the City;
Industrious, and orderly, prudent, and smart,
And not too much Conscience, nor too little Art;
Not scrup'lous, but honest, a Heart set on Gain,
Whose highest Ambition is fix'd on the Chain.

From You may he copy to wear it with Glory;
Like You, in Return--be honour'd in Story.

by Mary Barber

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