To The Rt. Hon. Charlotte Lady Conway, On Her Resolving To Leave Bath.

O Charlotte, truly pious, early wise!
The Pleasures sought by others, you despise:
Nor Bath, nor Bath's Allurements thee detain;
Unmov'd, you quit them to the Gay and Vain.
But tho' nor Health, nor Pleasure will prevail;
The Happiness you give, should turn the Scale.
O stay, and teach the Virtues of thy Breast:
Thousands by thy Example may be blest:
A Mind so humble, and so truly great,
So fitted to oblige in ev'ry State;
A Manner, so engaging and discrete,
A Manner, so inimitably sweet!
These, and thy thousand Charms, who can express?
Seymour, how vast a Treasure you possess!

by Mary Barber

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