To The Scythe Of The Reaper

Us humans like all other life forms are born to die
And death is for her and him and for you and for I
The millionaires and the paupers the great and the small
To the scythe of the Reaper one day have to fall
In our karma through life we do sow what we reap
And we are no more mortal than the goat or the sheep
The greats of human history historians recall
Though old father time did take care of them all
The reaper does not take into account your success and fame
Life's winners and losers he treats as the same
To his scythe millions of life forms do fall every day
On how long we live the Reaper has the say
The celebrities of our time we may celebrate
But on them as on us there is a use by date.

by Francis Duggan

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very deep and enveloping