MB (November 16,1946 / Bangladesh)

To The Sea

A sea danced in my heart recklessly
I saw and had a nap. The sea called me, roared, blustered
And showed me her heroic show in a whizzing buzz
But, then, calmed down like a serene girl
Displaying her whitened scarf in a moment
I told in impassive tone:
' O you ain't that something to human faith an' thought'
The sea stared at me with a vow of silence like the sky
Then she tumbled down my feet in some small waves
I uttered then, 'O wait, what do you want? '
She replied, 'You've told me beautiful, so am I-
You are not but a man. Man is the universal truth'
I spoke out 'O listen, be graced in your own loveliness
Now I say a boon-
You'll have an eternal flow with your wonderful beauty and mystery
Your holiness will be flawless with your hope and dismay
And with your secret and openness
The Moon will dip into your salt and the Sun will perform solemn ablution there
Oblations will be offered at your feet by the civilisation
And again, you will be the first mother in banishing all crises'

With a salutation, the waves departed for the sea
Leaving a flash of tranquil breeze upon my window

-Translated by Abul Kayyum

by Matin Bairagi

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