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To The Soldier

You Soldiers will have my support with my voice or with a prayer,
And I will be standing beside you though you wont see me there,
I am thankful that you are there to protect my country and my land
And if I could only thank you, I would like to shake your hand.

You are ready to surrender your life and die just for me
Because you are a soldier and you want all men to be free
How can I ever thank a man who is ready to lay down his life
A man who will die for me, and say goodbye to his children and wife.

I salute every soldier who is ready at our nation's call
And I pray that GOD will watch over them and I hope they never fall
And if they die for our country I truly will shed a tear
But then I will also smile, as I thank GOD that they were here.

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Rudyard Kipling


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This is a wonderful tribute to our military. I enjoyed reading it, and agree with you 100%