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To The Stars
(16.May1788 - 31. January 1866 / Schweinfurt)

To The Stars

Poem By Friedrich Rückert

Stars in the distant heavens!
You who with rays from a better world
brighten the dimness of earth,
are not spiritual eyes looking
earthward from you,
breathing peace
into my beclouded heart?

Stars in the distant heavens!
Is also in your realm
a life's fleeting dream being dreamed?
Are delight, joy,
mourning, melancholy, pain
rising out beyond our sun
within a heart full of feeling?

Stars in the distant heavens!
Are you not already sending me a sign
of heavenly peace from your remoteness?
Will not soon the weary one
in golden meadows
feel untroubled peace
falling like dew into his soul?

Stars in the distant heavens!
Until my spirit lifts its wings
and soars upward to your peace,
may my longing be set on you,
hoping, full of faith!
Oh, you lovely ones, beautiful ones,
could you ever disappoint me?

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excellent, sonorous poet, and truly heart-rending.. Has a way of making palatable the most outlandish conceits.