To The Summit Of Mushera

For raising money for charity on Christmas Day
The young and not so young from Aubane to the summit of Mushera climb their way
When the gray fogs of rain envelope the old hill
They climb upwards through the wet bracken success comes with a will

On Christmas Day morning no matter what the weather rain, frost, snow windy or fine
They climb to Mushera's summit in small groups after nine
For the benefit of a worthy cause their courage on display
Fair dues to them for that is all that one can say

To a hardy race of people they surely do belong
In Mushera valley the bond of community spirit is strong
In the depths of Winter to climb to Mushera's summit of anyone a big ask
Though some courageous people have proved up to the task

From the valleys above Mushera and the mountain countryside
The fame of the Mushera Hill climbers is known far and wide
For to raise money for a worthy cause and no personal financial gain
They climb to Mushera's summit in fog and cold rain

Their climb for a worthy cause is well worthy of a boast
To the Mushera Hill climbers we should drink a toast
They climb up through the wet bracken in the fog cold and gray
To the Summit of Mushera on Christmas Day.

by Francis Duggan

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