To The Sun (A Haiku)

The noonday sun
holds court in our galaxy
while earth spins her wheels

by Esther Leclerc Click to read full poem

Comments (12)

I was looking through your poems, when I came upon this small treasure. What a lovely first. It is always satisfying to the soul to accomplish something one has never done before. Take care. Love, Sandra
I love this Est. Evocative and contemplative. Justine
According to the paper this morning our Earth has three more planets to pal around with: Ceres, Xena (home of the Warrior Princess?) and Charon. Isn't it grand?
Left spinning in awe, a lovely wordsmith is you **ESTHER** love duncan X
Beautiful. But is a haiku strictly 5 syllables,7, then 5? Or just a wonderful idea expressed without excess? (in which case you have definitely succeeded) .- chuck
Esther, I've never written Haiku, but when I do, I hope it's even half as profound as yours... awesome! ! Brian
So now I have to add mistress of Language to your already many talents, do I? Pah! Share some will ya? ! Hugs Anna xxx
Top class, very inspirational, lots of creative thinking here, Thankyou Esther you write beautifully Love Duncan x
Congratulations. This is great Haiku. Very clever. Regards, Alison
I like this, A thought provoking piece.
Go on yirsell Esther. An a big Haiku the noo, too. Danny (Also recently converted)
Very good First try keep - em comin dave xxx