'Pretend' Friends

everyday, you guys only ignore me.

even when i'm sad, you guys don't see,

what all of you guys are doing to me.

when you're in need, i am always there,

that's the only time you really care.

otherwise, you only stop and stare,

but i wish i can just glare and pull your hair.

i can't believe the way you pushed me around

but i really wanna bring you down

and slap you all over the ground.

but i'm too nice to do that.

i hate 'her' for getting all the attention

she's the only one you mention,

you guys used to be enemies,

but not that i am here,

you guys just talk trash here and there,

i brought you guys together,

don't you remember?

and now i'm the one who writes this farewell letter

but you know what? i can't stand you guys so dying would be even better.

by geraldine l. loves you

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Nature weaves into life, and Frost as always does it so skillfully.
Brush with Spring's varied sweet scent Paint a path where we shall wend.
........great imagery...I could feel the wind's presence...enjoyed..