JI (22/09/1990 / LAGOS)

To The Three's Of Tree

From a stranger to a friend
From a friend to a brother
In and out been coated with care
Bubbly his days with undaunted smiles
At first, he complained of these big city
Not knowing anyone to run to
Then and there, he asked,
How can he cope with these multitude?
How can he survive in a strange land?
How can he smile in an unknown territory?
How can he cry in the midst of these great scholars?
Why not Chennai?
Why not Coimbatore?
Why Madurai if Madurai?
There were more of questions than answers
On this platform he saw a standing tree
With three cute branches
Lovely, dazzling and twinkly
It all started with lovely
Lovely came with dazzling
Both live up to their names
Dazzling later came with twinkly
Twinkly twinkled me with a dazzling smile
That was how we all started.
From Hi!
We became close and closer by the day
The tree was still standing
Where will he fit in the tree?
Then he became Mr. Courage
To make the tree sprout to its peak
Becoming the fourth branch of the tree
Will make the tree to lose its beauty
But being the water for the root
Will make us stand strong and steady

To crown Mr. Courage his Silver Jubilee
The three branches came with their last born
Ms. Surprise, who was so tender in age and height
But made Mr. Courage to tears-joy
Holding the piece of cake but no courage to eat
Cos the heart says this love is too much
The care and trust is increasing by the day
You only bargain to get smile
But you are getting more than smile
They made the day special

Coming home only to think and to ponder
Asking why knowing you for just few months?
Why not from birth?
But a voice echoed gently
Do you want FRIEND or FRIENDS?
I asked what is the difference between both?
The voice replied,
I-Intimate till the
Friends also remain intimate
But the S brings Separation
Then the voice says, this tree is your friend
Remain lovely, dazzling and twinkly to the tree
Then and there will you learn how to grin

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