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To The Top Of The Mountain I Must Go
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

To The Top Of The Mountain I Must Go

Poem By connie crane

The mountains,
Above me.
As I walk up on the mountain,
I am enveloped in its greatness.
Lost in a forest of trees……..
Or a small speck on a seemingly endless expanse of grey rock.
At the very top I see white snow, glistening, sparkling,
Drawing me upward.
I know it’s colder there,
That there is a scarcity of air,
Yet there, in the purity and sparkle of whiteness,
Is where I want to be.

Why? I do not know.
All my life to the top of the mountain I must go.
Spiritually, emotionally, and mentally,
Even physically I am trying to reach the peak.
Why? I do not know.
Something compels me,
So onward and upward I go.
Is this what my life is meant to be?
Continually striving to reach the peak?
And when I arrive there,
Will I finally know what it is,
I’ve been looking for?

Yet in this moment,
I can close my eyes.
I feel peace, love, joy.
God’s presence, I surmise.
I find my self resting,
Quietly abiding.
No upward and onward,
No constantly striving.

It has taken me years to realize,
That this is what I was looking for.
A cessation of striving to get there.
A quiet acceptance,
Of a reality that says,
“I already AM there! ”

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like reaching the highest peak.............Mt.Everest........it's beautiful feelings all around.nice write connie.