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To The Tortured Soul Of My Son's Girlfriend

I really adore you Paola.
You’re such an original one
With your high ideals
And crazy ideas
And the love that you have for my son.

But that love is becoming dependence
Paranoia is sneaking in
And the pills and the rest
Mean you’re not at your best
And your essence has gone in the bin.

Won’t you just try to get back to us?
Won’t you just try to let us in?
Don’t you see that these hearts
Are missing some parts
Till you come back to fill them again?

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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Sallie this poem is beautifully penned. It's very sad when people change due to the ways they cope or not cope. It is lovely that you had opened your hearts knowing that the essence of this young lady may relate in more of a healthier way