GG (October 5,1987 / Iloilo City - Philippines)

To The Virgin Of The West

Can I just worship your hand

Like the Blessed Sacrament is worshipped

By tired souls that sell their bodies in the night?

Can I just look on you

Like a ragged man from the pew?

Unwelcomed by the Spanish friar

Because of my ghastly sight.

Forgive me, your distant lover

For I can only look on thee

And would rather not love

Than share my poisonous intimacy

Your bud is strong, ere it be blown

My scent brings death to your beauty

My foul hand defiles everything it touches

My loin is an arid desert to your fountain of youth

My skin? Shameful leprosy.

This flesh constitutes infernal passions

That seek ungodly revenge


I shall wait till our souls leave our bodies

And in death's perpetual paradise

Stripped of earthly ballasts

My soul to your soul entwines.

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