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To The Virgin

Protect your virginity, innocent pure Lassie
As you would protect a rose from being plucked to soon,
There is a Casanova out there who wants to steal your chastity
Especially before you are married and on your honeymoon.
A man will always want to take your honor and your purity
So, don’t ever feel honored if you are taken to a fancy hotel,
Even though he says that he loves you, and he buys you dinner
You are, but a conquest to him, to others he will boast and tell.
Always protect your virginity as thorns will protect their rose
Don't be a notch or a conquest that a man needs and must boast,
You have a cherished flower, it can only be plucked once
Of all gifts that are given you, your innocence will be the foremost.
A man wants only to take your honor and your pride and your virtue
So, remember always keep your legs crossed until you are wed,
Once your rose is plucked, it is gone and then you're forgotten forever;
And cross your legs again, if you divorce or if your husband is dead.

Randy L. McClave

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Great writing, Randy. Thanks for sharing