What to do now
stuck in this hole
trying to climb
but keep slippn
why you pulln me down
why you pushn me there
why i listen to you
im going my own way
dont give me that
i want freedom
away with this
i live in my world
away from this
my world

by laxami Cards

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Nice poem, I liked the words. Robert.
Piece of great elegance bristling with insight. The young lives on hope and the old on remembrance. I believe Time is one of the greatest resources available to man. A lovely piece of poetry nicely penned in poetic diction with good rhyme scheme. Thanks for sharing Robert. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
i assume the word virgin implies a class of people who stay repressed.the poet simply wants to say that life is the bond of go join your beloved while you can.
I first read this poem in a novel by Gilbert Morris. I didn't like the poem and didn't think about it but something about it must have understood me because after reading it once I accidentally memorized it. A few years later it is still stuck in my head and I still don't like it. The name is abominable, and I hate the idea that to use your time wisely you have to get married. It puzzles me how I memorized it after reading it once. Maybe someday I will grow to like it as much as it seems to like me.
I first heard this poem on the movie THE DEAD POETS SOCIETY.It mostly means don't waste time being fickle about love because those young and beauty blooming years are brief..make haste..Carpe Diem..
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