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To The Woman

Tis with a grace that she carries her burden
Never asking others to lighten her load
What monumental responsibilities she has
A philosophical shepherd tending her flock

Many are the hurdles within and without
Tightrope walking is a deceptively uneasy stroll
Her whirlwind of determined energy carries her
Touching and opening the world she moves in

Kind and engaged eyes move above a crescent smile
She could never lessen the potential joy of others
For she is without a mask, she always has time for others
With a special grace she brightens a strangers day.

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A great tribute to women - the born mothers of this world. (10)
Thank you, Edmund. There are a plethora of women who walk this earth and history will never know their name but they have left their mark on strangers and friends alike. They raise the next generation and influence the generation after that, they walk beside their man and make his life a joy with a smile, with a flirty glance, with a thrifty hand on the finances. Their names may not be known but they shaped history nevertheless. Thank you for giving them this tribute. 10
What a lovely tribute to women. The society i live in has few men who would think of women in a positive light. So this write makes me highly pleased. It's true that a woman's life is not easy. She has to bear a lot. In return such words of appreciation as you have given are enough to lighten up her mood. A beautiful, largehearted acceptance of female gender in a significant write. A10
Hi Edmund, A Very poignant poem on the wonder of Woman. She is patience, love and care personified. And above all motherhood.. Fantastic.100+++