To The Youth

Who on earth would lay their hands
And spare their time to where the future stands?
Be of help and adrift the yelp
Of regretful men and introduce yourself
We are the youth of tomorrow’s dawn
And together we bring down the unruly’s con

Of how faithful you are to the land
Gives your fellows the sense of grace
This greenery overseen beyond my feet over the sand
Shall be upon the careful palms of human ways

We are the children of deprived fate
To witness the beauty of the written meadows
Maybe it wouldn't be too late
To let our minds and hearts be opened windows
We are literate enough to conquer the poor, the needy, and the weak
Of these words to keep you Mother Earth from being meek

Let’s not roll out our stupidity
Be spinning in the minds of humanity
Let ourselves move and act

by Abby Bilan

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