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To The Youth Of The World!

Food for all the hunger, starvation and need,
Hope this little spark will not remain a seed.
Let my soul be planted in the Indian soil
The seed shall grow, fruit and disperse as I toil

Material- will not bog me,
Pleasure- will not sog me
We are the Indian youth.
We fight for justice and truth

Into the broad daylight
Wiping the darkness tight
Bellowing against the misrule
Arrive the patriots- cool!

Words flow a plenty,
Thoughts remain the same
I vow my existence
Is not of a dainty dame
Something within persists me
It tells me, calls my name!
Either die for your nation
Or just live in shame

And friends, this is not the end,
For millions follow the trend
Each of us loves our world, our nation!
And youth we are its best creation……..!

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Honerable child do not bow, To those who are in power now, Stand up and shout with all your will, Do not go out with thoughts to kill, But stand up tall like a tower, And show them that youth has the power, To change the world for something new, This is what youth should do. Taxipoet