To Those I Have Not Met Or Seen

To those I have not met or seen...
But feel in my heart I know.
To those whose words
I have read closely.
And have embraced them,
Wherever I may with them go!

How can I rate...
An appreciation of such gifts?
How can I do that,
With a higher understanding...
They have given to me,
That brightens and uplifts!

I wish we could sit together,
And enjoy our happiness.
I wish we could strip away,
From these limiting boundaries.
That is what I wish...
After reading your depictions,
And the lives you live that exist!

I wish to be in your presence.
And hear your words spoken.
As I close my eyes...
To visualize,
Those images from your lips!

'To Those I Have Not Met or Seen'

My friends in:
Iran and Iraq
Saudia Arabia
United Arab Emirates
And...right 'here' in the United States of America.

'I thank you and The Almighty...
For providing this outlet to keep us united
through our collective writings we share,
discuss. And rate...ugh! lol

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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