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Goodnight My Sweet Darling Kira 6

Goodnight my sweet darling Kira
I love you so much I'm sending you
all of my love and warmth.
Feel its protection surround you
and wrap up in its comfort.
I want you to feel contented and peaceful,
give me a smile so I know you feel it.
I will always love you sweet darling
I truly mean it.

I'll be holding you tight through the whole night
stroking your hair and rubbing your back.
I'll give you sweet kisses of comfort
with deep kisses of passion.
I want to be with my only woman.
Listen closely as I tell you I love you,
I need you, I want you, and you are a miracle.
I promise I'll always be here for you.

Goodnight my darling Kira and tonight
in our dreams I just want to snuggle,
talk, and kiss my sweet Angel I miss.
Just share the warmth of the love
and bond between us.
I love you so much and want to
be with you always.
So we'll snuggle so tight in our
sweet dreams tonight.

Oh my dear Kira will it be soon?
I still feel that you're angry at me.
That wrenches my heart because
I want to show you all the best
you deserve and all of my love.
I treasure you like nothing else
in heaven or on earth.
You are my best friend and hero
I so deeply adore.
Kira I love you so very much.
Goodnight my dear darling
feel my arms around you,
I send zillions of great big
kisses and hugs to you.

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that is so sweet it takes me away when i read it