To Those Who Inspire

Why it happens, no one will ever, really understand
How one person, can inspire another, to be all that they can
You have done that for me, my dreams, I will expand
Where ever they may lead, I'll always be, your biggest fan
You have made me see, that my dreams aren't so far away
But even if they don't all come true, I just had to say
Thank you, because you gave me the strength to do it my way
I'll never forget, you, even when I'm old and gray
I hope that someday, I can be like you
To inspire another, to make their dreams come true
To believe in themselves enough, to follow them through
To know I made a difference, in someone else's life like you
If this puts a smile on your face, then I'm right on cue
Because, that's what' I'm really trying to do
For all the hope you have given me, all the way through
I just wanted to give a little something back, from me to you

by Jean L. Barney

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