To Those Who Look In

To one who's never been behind locked doors,
This comes to better educate their view.
Of those who are inside and looking out,
This someone in the future could be you.

You need not be stark raving mad, you see,
To be confined behind these cold gray wall.
In stead put forth your mind against the foe,
Of how to clothe and feed your brood this fall.

Consider all the many bills, lights, gas, and telephone,
The doctor, lawyer, others yet unpaid but due,
And knowing this your job's revealed no good,
It's possible my friend, your mind, can snap in two.

So should you ever gaze on one confined,
Be not so hasty with the quick remark.
For there are many wiser, more than you,
Who've pushed their minds beyond the tired mark.

This does not mean that they, not you, are sane,
But simply that they've taxed their minds.
And overworked the grey cells that provide,
The answers to the problems of their kind.

But still my friend, be kind in what you say,
Deny not social statue to be had.
For you know not the tricks that fate may play,
The next one here might just be your own dad.

by Harold R. Fishel

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