To Tout Or Not About It

So overwhelming is obtained evidence.
An injustice with criminal intent exposed.
With more of it given delivered,
To sniff it right below their noses.
And the debating continues.
As to the significance of it.
But to tout or not tout,
About what they've got becomes laughable.
Especially when the ones to have done misdeeds,
Sit together and decide...
Which evidence they should release.
To then brag about,
How best to be freed from indictment.
For their criminal activities.
And done legally.
To leave those outraged and disgusted to see,
The reality of their lives to live,
In debate to discuss the ugliness of it.
But not admitting,
The truth of it permitted to exist.
Now their strategy is this...
Whether or not the many deluded in disbelief,
Would buy what they sell if sold and seen...
As a TV series.
For high ratings to promote,
A provoking.
That would stimulate a certain demographic,
Observing what they have already
That had begun to bore them for many years.
Now the pretentious,
Wish that their facts to uncover and reveal...
Accepted as truth.
When they had been the ones to keep it kept,
Concealed to refute reality to have been imagined.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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