To Treasure Lessons Learned

Many are the people,
Who have traveled distances.
Gaining knowledge, experiences and wisdom.
To treasure lessons learned,
For the rest of their lives.
Feeling blessed to have been given,
The opportunity to share their discoveries.
Hoping them to be of benefit to others.
And yet...
Can not produce enough pictures.
Hand out maps.
Contact some folks willing to donate time,
Teaching exactly what must be done...
To get anyone from A to Z.
Raise money to fund their expenses.
To THEN hear it said:

"Why should we listen to anybody,
Who obviously has failed.
Trying to have folks believe they found,
Ways to make life easier for others.
Who do they think they are?
What 'We' need is proof shown to us,
That our issues are important.
And we desperately are in need for change."

Many are the people,
Who have traveled distances.
Acquiring knowledge, experiences and patience.
To know what it takes to break away,
From small town gossip and negativity.
Will return to such places.
And learn,
Being disrespected, demeaned and lied on...
Is a life they thought had been left behind.
But find the same folks,
Doing to themselves with more enthusiasm.
The same negative things done to do,
As if addicted to self destruction.
With a love to despise suggestions and advice,
From anyone they claim to have known,
In their past.

These are the days of our lives.
And many are the people who decide very easily,
They have options from which to pick.
B.S. to hear it.
Headaches to get.
And tolerating nonsense.
Seems not to appear on their lists of wishes.
Hoping God fulfills such irresistible dreams.

"I thought you wanted to be of service.
Provide assistance to people,
You claim to love so much."

-Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
And believe this or not,
I can be among them and be as distant as possible.
Loving to know I can hide my peace of mind.
And at the same time be ignored.
One has to leave what was not appreciated,
To come back and rediscover the comfort in it.
God is truly amazing.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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