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To Try
ARM (Sept 17,1989 / Phillipines)

To Try

I'll take every chance I get
to do something meaningful.
I'll treat my every moment that last,
so the essense will always be beautiful.

I'll walk, and run, and laugh as many times as I want,
because I may never know
if I can do all these things again.

Time is so precious,
and fate would always play tricks on anybody.
You'll never know when your time is over,
so you just have to make the most of it.

Even if I fall and stumble,
I'll try my best to stand up.
Even if I get slapped, punched, or kicked,
I'll try my best to forgive.

I want to do all these things,
because I'll never know if I'll be able to feel
pain and sorrow ever again.

Because life is at its fullest
if you've felt the worst and the best.

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A small, timid comment if I may. Perhaps if you looked more at quality your quantity would diminish. H