To Udayanath Majhi, My Poet Friend

Grief not, grief not, dear friend,
For the death of the father.
Death has no power to touch the Father, remember.

Father was there, Father is there
And Father will be there
Till the time ends with us.

Grief not, grief not, dear friend,
For the unreal has no existence,
For the real never ceases to be.

See, the wise men, to whom pain and pleasure
Are alike and not tormented by these
Contacts, become eligible for immortality.

Grief not, grief not, dear friend,
Really Father is imperishable, eternal,
Everlasting and free from birth and decay.

Dear friend, think Father is shedding worn out garments,
Takes other new ones, and think no one can cut
Or burn, or wet or dry the Father.

Grieve not, grieve not, dear friend,
Death is certain for the born, and
Rebirth is inevitable for the dead.

Stay busy in your selfless actions, dear friend,
The blessings of the Father is there,
See Father, feel Father in your goodness.

by Gajanan Mishra

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no birth no death, no pain no pleasure, let us live dear.