To Understand

Poem By Da'Vetta Hayes

Understanding me takes time to figure out how I work

Write me off as crazy or mental but I work differently

While you dream of ponies at 6 I dream of amoeba cells

When you and your family go skate we order in and call it a day

While you may not know me at all I dont know myself that well

When you judge me I feel like you dont try to know me at all

But I don't blame you for running away from me because I am not normal

But what is 'NORMAL'? Is it an actual title everyone can use to agree

Or, is it one's own perception of the true meaning of life?

Happiness, one's own percetion, right, it is what they want it to be

But understanding is also one's own percetion because only you will know when you truly Understand Me.....

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