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To Uphold A Facilitation Of Rhetoric
( / Connecticut)

To Uphold A Facilitation Of Rhetoric

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Too many had made a case,
Too make haste much too late.
And now they scatter...
To escape from crevices hidden,
To shield embarrassment...
Shown on their faces.

Snacking like mice...
And smacking on the remnants,
Of free cheese once liked.
With few pieces left to feed,
Those in abundant need.
And in speeches those who leech...
Has chosen one amongst them,
To move forward to speak:

'My fellow crumb snatchers...
To uphold a facilitation of rhetoric so enjoyed,
In a sustaining ongoing deceit we employed.
We must sneak away from those we leave in darkness.
To harken upon these times,
Now in disarray...
Producing the utmost of disgrace on display!

And to acknowledge our delusions,
To be self evident.
In the declining hours of our failed policies.
As we proceed to vacate this disaster.'

In other words,
You are looking for a quick exit?
With a bigger excuse...
To back away from what you've done,
And run?

'Oh no no no.
Absolutely not!
And with continuous lies...
We hope you will soon forget as soon as they are heard.
What we do seek,
Is an acceptible way,
For you to digest a reality we formulate...
To leave you feeling not used but appreciated.
That has always been on our agenda to initiate!
We want to keep it real.'

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