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To Vote

If you do not like their beliefs,
Or the ideals and thoughts that they promote,
And if you think they have to many chiefs
Then Vote:

If you like their speeches,
If you believe their standards are correct,
To your ideas they impact and teaches
Then Re-elect:

If you happen to like his fancy pants
Or maybe you like her petticoat,
Or maybe you like their ideas for loans or grants
Then Vote:

If you like their platform
To help and to serve and to protect,
If their thinking to you is a brainstorm
Then Elect:

If you do not cast a ballot
Then I say, for four years, be quite! this I do quote,
Your politicians election is valid
Don’t Vote:

If you are quite observant
And in politicians you see greed and feel a rage,
And you don't agree with a public servant
Remember suffrage:

If you will not straddle a fence
If justice and freedom are your goals,
And you indeed want to make a difference
Go to the polls:

If you're happy with the use of your tax dollar
And you enjoy the laws and a politicians reign,
If you don't complain and will not holler
Then abstain:

A man alone can change the world
In history that fact is wrote,
Empires have crumbled, flags unfurled
So Vote:

Randy L. McClave

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