To Walk The Knife

I cherish quiet friendship more than anything I own,
And love the sound of laughter, yet I long to be alone.
A solitary spirit on a never-ending quest,
I roam a twilight forest as a strange, expected guest,

Or watch a new horizon when the darkness turns to run,
And stare with blinding wonder at the beauty of the sun.
A knife of dreams and visions is the price of what I do -
I walk its edge with bleeding feet to bring that world to you;

For sometimes in the shadows or the early morning mist,
I stand between the worlds and know that all of them exist;
And if I were to stumble or to put a foot astray,
Then I would fall to madness and forever lose my way.

The earth is filled with wonder; ev'ry hill and secret brook
Can be your inspiration if you take the time to look.
Exhilarating moments just beyond the blade of life
Will change your soul forever if you dare to walk the knife.

by M. Teresa Blaylock

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4/4 Daring To Walk the Knife, thank you for the beautiful message!