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To Watch You Slip Away~

the days apart is like sliding away,
knowing that i still want you to stay,
i think about it all threw the day,
what i could have done,
but in stead i decided to run,
now we barely talk not even a hi,
the only question i need to know is why,
the feeling makes me want to die,
i need to know what you do when you see things fall apart,
but i still remeber that you were the start,
you never would of except the chande i went threw,
its just not somehting your about to do,
i thought you were perfect,
well no one is,
being away is the way i have to have you,
im shour you want that too,
im still watching you slip away,
but i guess right here is where i have to stay.......

(the person this is about knows its about tht person plzz leave comment if you are reading this! !)

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