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To Wear A Kilt

A man who wears a skirt,
His woman will soon desert;
She will not appreciate seeing his feminine side,
As she sees herself, and not him as a bride.

A man who wears colorful britches,
He tends to treat all women as his bitches;
He enjoys being a male fashion trend,
And all women he seems to always offend.

And the man who wears only shorts,
He will only have women as his cohorts;
Women are just his mates;
With them he pals around with, but never dates.

The man who wears sweatpants,
He seeks women only as his confidants;
To whom his secrets and desires are told;
And not for a woman to kiss or hold.

But; the man who proudly wears a kilt;
Excitedly for him, his woman's heart will wilt;
She will see his proud and heroic side,
Knowing in him, there is a proud warrior inside.

So now a kilt I must wear;
My hairy legs and knocked knees I will bare;
I am a man, and now my woman I will impress,
I will wear my kilt, and she will wear her dress.

Randy L. McClave

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