To Whom Do You Serve?

Oh, such tenderness

Within the human spirit

by Michael Hopkins Click to read full poem

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Wonderful write......Thank u, dear poet. anjandev roy.
I admire the brevity of your expression! This little poem speaks volumes.....10
it's a love great love yeah to whom o smiling do you serve if stay apart.....//
A beautifully concise description of the spirit of humanity...great stuff! ! !
Kindness and faithfulness! ! ! Very positive with the human spirit. 🤗🤩✍ Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
o GREAT poet MH would you cae to read my MOMS SMILES PLEASE.
I believe we are here to serve each other. Humanity should be our primary concern. How can we smile with full bellies, knowing there are many people starving? How can we feel content with all our comforts, knowing there are those without a home? There are no written laws about caring for each other, but the laws are written on our hearts. A poignant poem.
She serves her conscience. If you did not read, take a book: Indecent obsession. The writer is Colleen McCullough. Same story and good book. Regards.