To Whom I Love

love you through my silence
love you through my yelling
through my crazy thoughts
love you with all poems i wrote
love you in all meaning which i meant in my words
love you, and love to dallying you in all nights
and under moons` lights
love you and miss to you so
and miss to your eyes` look
to your smile lips

without you i became nothing
without hope
without dreams
dreams which i dreamed always about you
because you are my hope
my dreams too
my dream which i live waiting for

through your smile, i can feel the world open its arms to me
and to give me the hope in this life, which i wished all
through your eyes, i can see the happiness around me
love you and want to meet you
meet you one day, to see how much i wished that day
and to live our happiness which we pleased one day
to live our eternal life
love you

by hazem al jaber

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