To Whom I Missed

Poem By hazem al jaber

sit down alone and careful in a night,
and a pen in my hand, wrote what in my mind and heart..
sit down, and my eyes in a sky, watching a moon and a stars..

inside me a lot of questions..
questions coming to me whenever i closed my eyes,
and whenever looked at a moon..
questions are a lot..
do a sky missed a moon when he is not appear there..
as me as i missed mine...? ? ? ?

missed my beloved, whom i didn`t see but i feel..
and feel so closed to me...
drawing to her a picture from imagination..

did she missed me as i do...? ? ?
as if my heart not with me..
with a one whom know, that i love her..
holding my heart, didn`t know what to do..? ?
how wish that i can be so close to her..? ? ?
and how much i wish that i can see her, and
to hug her between my arms....
as if, thousand of hearts in my chest, and
as if my ribs contain my heart..
how much i wish to see her eyes,
to see how she looks at me...
wish to know her feelings about me..
and? and? and? ....

and wish to know the road to my beloved,
which i want it in any way..

and how much i wish to be more close, and to let my hand
touched my beloved`s hand...
miss you so much, so much..

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